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Yellowstone Park, September 2016

Posted on (5 years ago)

September is a beautiful month to visit Yellowstone.  A group of us from Spokane drove to Gardiner, Mt. and used it as a base to photograph the many animals that the park has.  The bull elk are in rut and gather their harems in the fall.  It is a fabulous sound to hear them bugle and see them in the early morning fog.  The trip was a great success.  We heard...

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Tadoba, India, May 2016

Posted on (6 years ago)

May, 2016- My friend Mike Vickers and I left for Tadoba Park, India in May during a real heat wave for the country.  A plus for having high temperatures is that the tigers are easier to see as they go to the waterholes to cool off.  Each day the temps climbed to 120 degrees fahrenheit and in a jeep with no top, we searched for any of the tigresses and their cubs we went to Tadoba to find...

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