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Alice Garland Alice Garland was born and raised in the dry panhandle of West Texas. However, a move to beautiful Washington State with her family in 1986 sparked her interest in photography. Curiosity was heightened with a wildlife safari to Kenya and Tanzania which launched her own professional photography career.

Alice has since traveled to the Russian Far East, China, Alaska, Antarctica, and Manitoba to photograph grizzly bears, bald eagles, penguins, and polar bears. She has slept in a blind for many nights to photograph golden eagles on a nest in Wyoming. Her love of wildlife and nature in general drives her passion.

"I believe that one's dedication will be apparent in their endeavors. Capturing a great image without disturbing my subject is my highest priority,so that others can enjoy what I experience. Many of the species I photograph are endangered and human activity is encroaching on their habitat. We need to learn much more about these creatures, so we can change our destructive habits which may eventually lead to their extinction."

Alice's photographs have won numerous awards and have been published in magazines and calendars such as Audubon and Inner Reflections Calendars, Nature's Best, Nature Photography, and Outdoor Photography magazines.